Ready Jet Go!

This past summer I worked in Los Angeles for Wind Dancer Films on a television show called Ready Jet Go! The show teaches kids Earth and Space science and it airs on PBS Kids February 15. Check out the website to learn more!

Ready Jet Go! was created by Craig Bartlett (creator of Dinosaur Train and Hey Arnold). The show is about two kids – sci-fi-lover Sydney and aspiring astronaut Sean – who happen to befriend an alien boy named Jet Propulsion and his family who are from Planet Borton 7. Sydney, Sean, Jet, and a younger friend from the neighborhood, Mindy, go on adventures together in order to understand our planet and surrounding solar system. I should also mention – there is an adorable space pet named Sunspot who helps them out along the way.

It was a pleasure to work on an educational kids’ show. I think kids and parents will learn bunches together. The characters are fun, each with their own unique personality. The education is also equally fun and approachable. I hope everyone else will enjoy watching it as much as I did working on it!

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