To The City, The Bog, and Back Again

Who would have thought the island called Ireland – posed in the frigid Atlantic – with little for geographic defense beyond some rocky islets called skelligs would have survived so much? That’s a cheery thought to start on – but thematically relevant (oh, just wait). When I think of the Irish in a historic sense, […]

Texans, Who Are We?

Texas is under intense stress. You know it. You have seen the news – the El Paso shooting at Walmart, the conditions at the border. In the wake of these tragedies, perhaps Texans have forgotten where we originate, and who our state represents. Your history books in grade school had an entire section dedicated to […]

Why Everyone Should Play Dungeons and Dragons

If you already play Dungeons and Dragons, you likely already agree that everyone should play D&D. Maybe you don’t play and you are curious. What is D&D? Maybe the only version of D&D you have ever witnessed were those scenes from Stranger Things. Or Freaks and Geeks… Or¬†Community… It seems once we graduate from elementary […]

Short Story: The Mouse Named Kidney Bean and the Rat Named Weasel – Part 1

There was a time when the pests of the household lived in harmony – each thriving in their separate kingdom, away from the brooms, vacuums, and pyrethroids. They sat in their little cubbies so damp and dark. The mice would chitter through the gap in the drywall, the cockroaches would skitter through the pipes, the […]

The Lessons of Livestreaming

We all have our hobbies. My new hobby is streaming. I am among a vast community of streamers who for their own individual reasons decided to capture themselves playing a game and broadcast it to the world. Streaming is an interesting hobby. You meet people from different parts of the globe. I met someone from […]

Fear is Not the Solution

I am still trying to wrap my head around this, and put all the pieces together. But from what I have seen, a trend of nationalism has arisen. To use an example ¬†– Britain has separated from the European Union to gain control of its borders. Moreover, the insurgence of refugees from Syria has led […]