Adventure Time: “Nightosphere Inc” (TV Spec Script) 
Peppermint Butler seeks a new job in the Nightosphere and may be Princess Bubblegum’s new threat. (Second Rounder in Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition)

The Last Man on Earth: “Peckon Call” (TV Spec Script) 
Tandy and Todd attempt to watch the kids while Carol, Gail, and Erica try to relax during a dangerous spa treatment. (Top Ten Finalist in Stage 32’s Comedy Writing Competition)

Short Story:  The Townhome
In the twilight sleep between life and death, a portrait embodying life is worth a thousand words.

Short Story:  The Mouse Named Kidney Bean and the Rat named Weasel
Within the walls of a household, the pest kingdoms are under order of the mouse king, but one delivery trip with a nervous mouse named Kidney Bean and an escaped rat named Weasel could change everything.